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Pair of silver salt cellars and mustard pot

An ensemble composed of a pair of silver salt cellars and mustard pot, Paris 1809-1819, silversmith L.N. Naudin.

Set of spoons and forks

1 200,00 
A silver-gilt set of six spoons and five forks, Paris 1798-1809.

Silver drageoir by Buttner

2 500,00 
A silver and cristal drageoir, made between 1798 and 1809 in Strasbourg by the silversmith Jean-Louis Buttner.

Portrait on copper

An oil on copper made in the beginning of the 19th century, and showing a portrait of a woman.

Silver cake slice

A silver cake slice, made in Nuremberg between 1805-1820.

An Restauration gilt-bronze clock

A gilt bronze clock was made in the Restauration period.

Pair of Saint-Petersburg crystal sugar casters

Pair of silver-gilt mounted crystal sugar casters, Saint-Petersburg end of the 18th century-beginning of the 19th century.

Silver cake and pie server

A silver cake and pie server, Cologne circa 1800-1810.

Silver sugar sifter

A silver sugar sifter, made in Strasbourg by the silversmith Jacob-Friedrich Kirstein (1765-1838).

Benjamin Zix

1 250,00 
A watercolor on paper with ink presenting a bucolic scene with stork, Benjamin Zix circa 1800-1805.

Cask lock

1 450,00 
A fruitwood cask lock presenting two sculpted fishes or dolphins, Alsace circa 1800

Child silhouette portrait

An Empire painted silhouette of a child under glass with gilding, signed « C. Lhomme » Sarreguemines, 1s of August 1811

Officer flintlock pistol

A traveling flintlock pistol, beginning of the 19th

Pedestal table

2 200,00 
A mahogany tripode pedestal table with round black marble top, Empire style.

Collection of four street cries

1 100,00 
Four drawings with ink on paper presenting street professions, Alsace (?) circa 1810-1820

Alsatian chair

An Alsatian chair with a sculpted backrest in walnut wood, end of the 18th - beginning of the 19th century

Pair of Alsatian chairs

A pair of Alsatian chairs with a sculpted backrest in walnut wood, second quarter of the 19th century

Marbled table with two drawers

A table with a marbled top and two drawers, made during the First French Empire around 1810.