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Glass paste ashtray

3 200,00 
A glass paste ashtray made in Nancy by the glassmaker Amalric Walter (1870-1959) circa 1912-1914, after a model sculpted by

A glass cup by Emile Gallé

2 200,00 
A glass cup made by Emile Gallé between 1895-1900.

A terra cotta ashtray

A glazed terra cotta ashtray realized circa 1920-1930 in Alsace?.


A bronze paper-knife with an eagle head circa 1900.


Gänseliesel in porcelain, between 1920-1940 after Albert Schultz.

Bohemia glass

A bohemia glass with the cathedral of Strasbourg, 19th century.

Jacques Gachot

An oil on canvas depicting a view of the Rhine port in 1938, by the painter Jacques Gachot (1885-1954).

Lioness on the prowl, Alfred Marzolff, Elchinger

1 800,00 
A ceramic by Alfred Marzolff (1867-1936), representing a lioness, Soufflenheim, Léon Elchinger (?) workshop, 20th century.

Marquetry artwork by Paul Spindler

Marquetry artwork by Paul Spindler (1906-1980), presenting a view of the Murbach Abbey (Alsace).

Charles Spindler – Alsatian girl

A marquetry of wood presenting a reading Alsatian lady, by Charles Spindler circa 1900-1920.

Nils Forsberg Fils – National day 1919

A watercolor presenting a view of Strasbourg during the 14th of July 1919, Nils Forsberg fils

Lothaire von Seebach

1 800,00 
A watercolor presenting a woman, circa 1900-1910 by Lothar von Seebach

Paul Spindler – Huhnawihr church

A Alsatian round marquetry of Paul Spindler, presenting the fortified church of Huhnawihr circa 1940.

J. (?) Aufderbruck – Mount Saint Odile

A Alsatian round marquetry of J. (?) Aufderbruck, representing Mount Saint Odile and made between 1930 and 1940.

Stain glass with Virgin and Child

A stained-glass window with a Virgin and Child in the Renaissance style, end of 19th-beginning of the 20th century

Paul Spindler – Boersch Tower

A round marquetry from Paul Spindler presenting a view of one of the rampart towers of Boersch.

Paul Spindler – Châtenois Tower

A round Alsatian marquetry of Paul Spindler presenting a view of the witches' tower of Châtenois.

Paul Spindler – Strasbourg’s cathedral Tower

An round Alsatian marquetry from Paul Spindler presenting a view of Strasbourg's cathedral.