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Pair of Saint-Petersburg crystal sugar casters

Pair of silver-gilt mounted crystal sugar casters, Saint-Petersburg end of the 18th century-beginning of the 19th century.



An Alsatian baptism letter (Goettelbrief), 1837.

Virgin with Child

A silver and brass exvoto with a Virgin with Child, France 1809-1819.

Faience coffee set

A faience coffee set from Sarreguemines, 1825-1830.

Pair of bronze vases

A pair of bronze vases in an antique style, circa 1820-1830.

Silver sugar sifter

A silver sugar sifter, made in Strasbourg by the silversmith Jacob-Friedrich Kirstein (1765-1838).

Officer flintlock pistol

A traveling flintlock pistol, beginning of the 19th

Collection of four street cries

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Four drawings with ink on paper presenting street professions, Alsace (?) circa 1810-1820

Pair of Alsatian chairs

A pair of Alsatian chairs with a sculpted backrest in walnut wood, second quarter of the 19th century

Anton Sohn – Zizenhausen

A terra-cotta polychrome group with two men speaking together, Anton Sohn's manufacture in Zizenhausen (Switzerland) circa 1830-1840

Besançon flour pot

A pewter flour pot, first half of the 19th century Besançon Gottschick


A wooden snuffbox in a shape of Napoleon's bicorn hat, circa 1830 - 1850

Napoleon’s tomb

A copper engraving presenting a seditious image with Napoleon, circa 1830

Gilded and black patina bronze Chandelier

A gilded and black patina bronze chandelier, Restoration style, made between 1820 - 1830

Silver sugar sifter

A gilded silver sugar sifter, Strasbourg 1809-1819 Jacob-Friedrich Kirstein

Gilded bronze clock

A gilded bronze clock presenting an allegory of the antique Greek tragedy

Miniature portrait

A graphite drawing presenting a miniature man portrait, circa 1815-1830