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David Ortlieb

1 650,00 
An oil painting on panel, made in 1862 by David Ortlieb.

View of the port of Marseille

2 800,00 
An oil painting on canvas made by Louis Auguste G. Leconte de Roujou (1819-1902) during the second half of the

Jules Alexis Muenier

1 500,00 
An oil painting on canvas made by Jules Alexis Muenier in 1896, and showing a seaside landscape in St Jean, near to Montpellier.

Jules René Hervé

An oil painting by Jules René Hervé (1887-1981), made circa 1950.

Rhine Falls

2 500,00 
An oil on canvas depicting the Rhine Falls and Laufen Castle.

Winter Landscape by Léo Schnug

5 500,00 
An oil painting, representing a winter landscape, by Léo Schnug (1878-1933), around 1910.

Pair of landscapes

5 500,00 
A pair of oil paintings on canvas presenting two landscapes, Christoph von Bemmel (1707-1782).

View of Strasbourg Cathedral

1 350,00 
A view of the Strasbourg Cathedral by André Schmitt (1888-1961), 1934.

Lucien Blumer

3 800,00 
An oil painting on canvas representing a view of Strasbourg, Lucien Blumer (1871-1947).

Charles Himmel

An oil painting on canvas of a landscape presenting a canal, Charles Himmel (1894-1974).

Faience plate

A faience plate presenting a landscape in blue, Toul-Bellevue, circa 1820-1830.

Louis-Philippe Kamm

1 300,00 
An oil painting on canvas signed by Louis-Philippe Kamm (1882-1959).

René Allenbach

An oil painting on canvas presenting an Alsatian field landscape signed by René Allenbach.


A sketchbook presenting different views on Alsatian and Swiss landscapes. 1836-1840.

Engraving of Laufenburg

Engraving of Laufenburg and its surrounding.

Lithography – two ladies

Two ladies looking at a landscape, mid 19th century.

Henri Bacher

A xylography presenting a view on Strasbourg and its cathedral by Henri Bacher.

Louis-Philippe Kamm

A watercolor painting presenting an Alsatian landscape by Louis-Philippe Kamm, 1932.