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Spring landscape

2 300,00 
An oil painting on canvas made by Lucien Haffen (188-1968)  in the middle of the 20th century, and showing a spring landscape.

Poêle Hugelin

5 500,00 
Un poêle en faïence ovale réalisé vers 1850-1870 dans les ateliers de Joseph Hugelin à Strasbourg.

Copperplate engraving

A copperplate engraving, circa 1750 and showing festivities in honor of Louis XV.

A copperplate engraving, circa 1750 and showing the arrival of Louis XV in Strasbourg.

Silver drageoir by Buttner

2 500,00 
A silver and cristal drageoir, made between 1798 and 1809 in Strasbourg by the silversmith Jean-Louis Buttner.

Hugelin stove

3 500,00 
A grey and green earthenware round stove, made circa 1850-1870, in Joseph Hugelin's workshop.

Strasbourg plate

A faience plate made in Strasbourg, 1748-1754.

Napoleonic battle

7 500,00 
A silver medallion with a napoleonic battle, made circa 1810-1815 in Strasbourg by Jacques Frédéric Kirstein (1765-1838).

Strasbourg Poster

A poster in colour with the cathedral of Strasbourg, made circa 1924, René Allenbach (1889-1958).

Hymn book

1 800,00 
A hymn book with silver clasps made in Strasbourg by Johann Steinemann circa 1770.

Joseph Hannong plate

3 200,00 
A plate in faience made in Strasbourg, Joseph Hannong, with a Chinese fisherman, circa 1765-1770.


A copperplate engraving presenting a baptism letter, made in Strasbourg in 1745.

Copperplate engraving

A copperplate engraving made during the 17th century, and showing the cathedral of Strasbourg.

Paul Spindler

1 500,00 
Un tableau de marqueterie réalisé par Paul Spindler (1906-1980) vers 1950, et présentant une vue depuis les quais de l'Ill sur la cathédrale de Strasbourg.

André Herpin

1 200,00 
An oil painting on canvas made by André Herpin (1880- 1940), during the first half of the 20th century.

Camille Claus

A lithography from Camille Claus (1920-2005), circa 1959.

View of Strasbourg

A watercolor view presenting a view of Strasbourg, 19th century.

An earthenware plate of Strasbourg

An faience plate made in Strasbourg, circa 1765-1770.