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Carved chair

A chair with carved backseat, 17th century.

Pair of Alsatian chairs

A pair of Alsatian chairs made during the second half of the 19th century. This pair has a carved back

Louis XV desk chair

Louis XV desk chair, middle of the 18th century.

Two angel heads

1 100,00 
Two angel heads in carved wood, 18th century.

A lectern

A lectern in walnut, 18th century.

A pair of wooden statuettes

A pair of carved wooden statuettes, late 18th century, early 19th century, Italy, Tyrol ?

Double dolphin barrel lock

2 500,00 
A carved fruitwood barrel lock with a double dolphin decoration painted in dark green, 18th century.

Dolphin barrel lock

2 500,00 
A fruitwood barrel lock presenting a dolphin, 18th century.

Double dolphin barrel lock

2 500,00 
A fruitwood barrel lock with two intertwined dolphins, 18th century.

Madonna and Child

A Madonna and Child in carved walnut, 18th century.

Cadre dit Salvator Rosa

Un cadre romain dit « Salvator Rosa » en bois sculpté et doré, 1770-1780.

Madonna and Child

2 200,00 
Virgin and Child in polychrome carved wood, Alsace, 1st half of the 18th century.

Cask lock

1 250,00 
A carved fruitwood cask lock with two dolphins, 18th century.

Statuette en bois sculpté

Statuette en bois sculpté polychrome représentant un artisan, 1820-1840.

Rocaille console

1 150,00 
A carved and gilded wooden console with rocaille ornaments, mid 18th century.

Wooden carved statuette

Polychrome wooden carved statuette representing an artisan, 1820-1840.

Pair of Alsatian chairs

2 200,00 
A pair of Alsatian chairs with carved walnut backrest.

Cask lock

A fruitwood cask lock presenting two sculpted fishes or dolphins, Alsace/Palatinate first half of the 19th century.