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Fish dish in faience, Lunéville

1 200,00 
EA dish in faience made for serving fish, Lunéville, circa 1770-1780.

Abbeville pewter round engraved dish

A round engraved ceremonial dish made in Abbeville (Somme, France) in 1782 by the French merchant and pewtersmith Pierre-Honoré Nicolas Dairaines.

Ceramic coffeepot

A fine earthenware coffee pot with braided handle, made in Septfontaines by Villeroy and Boch factory in Luxembourg, end of the 18th century.

Rocaille console

1 150,00 
A carved and gilded wooden console with rocaille ornaments, mid 18th century.

Silver cup

Silver cup decorated with floral motifs, Paris, 1789-1792.

Two Niderviller faience plates

2 500,00 
Niderviller faience plates with birds decoration, circa 1770.

Lunéville – bagpipe player

An enameled pipe clay statuette presenting a bagpipe player, Lunéville, circa 17780 - 1780.

Four Tournai faience plates

1 200,00 
Four faience plates from Tournai presenting floral ornaments in petit feu technique, end of the 18th century.

Russian silver beaker

A Russian silver beaker, made in 1797.

Lunéville – Stonemason

A statuette in pipe clay presenting a stonemason, Luneville or thereabouts circa 1780-1790.

Rambervillers dish

A faience square dish with Chinese man decor, Rambervillers (Lorraine) circa 1775.

Strasbourg faience display dish

A faience display dish made in Strasbourg, Joseph Hannong circa 1770

Serving spoon

A silver serving spoon, by Ange-René Rouvière in Avignon 1750-1792.

Round box

A round box in horn with gold mounting, Paris 1789-1792.

Mosbach medallion-portrait

2 500,00 
A faience relief medallion presenting Karl Theodor, Prince-elector and Count Palatine, Mosbach circa 1775.

Neoclassical looking-glass from Strasbourg

1 350,00 
A neoclassical (Louis XVI) mirror made in Strasbourg, circa 1780.

Alsatian chair

An Alsatian chair with a sculpted backrest in walnut wood, end of the 18th - beginning of the 19th century

Alsatian chair

An Alsatian chair with a sculpted backrest in walnut wood, second half of the 18th century