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Pair of silver salt cellars and mustard pot

An ensemble composed of a pair of silver salt cellars and mustard pot, Paris 1809-1819, silversmith L.N. Naudin.

François Rabelais

A bronze statue made in the end of the 19th century, and presenting François Rabelais (1483-1553).

Silver ewer

A silver ewer with his handle in darken wood, Paris 1789-1792.

Pair of andirons

3 800,00 
A pair of bronze andirons made circa 1775-1780.

Pair of rococo wings

A pair of rococo wings made in the middle of the 18th century.

Silver bell

A silver table bell made in Paris circa 1827-1838.

Paire d’appliques

Une paire d'appliques en bronze doré réalisée vers 1850.

Idiot coffee pot

1 200,00 
A silver coffee pot made by Odiot in Paris, circa 1819 - 1838.

Pair of waxed canvases

4 500,00 
A pair of waxed canvases made during the late 18th century, and showing a floral decoration.

Cupid and the Youth

1 600,00 
A porcelain group made circa 1770-1780 in the Royal factory of Sèvres.

Fan project

2 200,00 
A fan project made with gouache on paper during the second half of the 17th century, and showing a mythological story.

Louis XIII frame

A Louis XIII carved and gilded wooden oak frame, 17th century.

Abbeville pewter round engraved dish

A round engraved ceremonial dish made in Abbeville (Somme, France) in 1782 by the French merchant and pewtersmith Pierre-Honoré Nicolas Dairaines.

Pendule en bronze doré

5 500,00 
Une pendule en forme d'ovoïde pointe en bas, en bronze doré réalisée par un atelier parisien, probablement celui d'André-Antoine Ravrio (1759-1814), cadran en émail signé « Courtener à Strasbourg », vers 1804-1815.

Chaise Alsacienne

Une chaise en noyer au dossier ajouré, avec un motif d'entrelacement de bretzels, du milieu du XIXe siècle.

Pharmacy jars, 19th century

A pair of porcelain medicine jars, decorated with intertwined snakes, made in Paris circa 1820-1840.

Wall fountain by Paul or Balthazar Hannong

9 500,00 
A faience wall fountain by Paul or Balthazar Hannong, with blue and white grand feu decoration, on a theme related to water, circa 1735-1748.

Dolphin barrel lock

2 500,00 
A fruitwood barrel lock presenting a dolphin, 18th century.