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Joseph Hannong plate

3 200,00 
A plate in faience made in Strasbourg, Joseph Hannong, with a Chinese fisherman, circa 1765-1770.

Cake slice

Silver cake slice, between 1819- 1838 in Paris.

Abbeville pewter round engraved dish

A round engraved ceremonial dish made in Abbeville (Somme, France) in 1782 by the French merchant and pewtersmith Pierre-Honoré Nicolas Dairaines.

Ceramic coffeepot

A fine earthenware coffee pot with braided handle, made in Septfontaines by Villeroy and Boch factory in Luxembourg, end of the 18th century.

Two Niderviller faience plates

2 500,00 
Niderviller faience plates with birds decoration, circa 1770.

Lunéville faience plate

Lunéville faience plate with fruit decoration, circa 1750.

Pair of Saint-Petersburg crystal sugar casters

Pair of silver-gilt mounted crystal sugar casters, Saint-Petersburg end of the 18th century-beginning of the 19th century.

Silver salver

A round silver salver from London, W. Bateman, 1825.

Silver plate

A round silver plate from London, T. Robins, 1819.

Pair of wine decanters with silver mounts

A pair of cut-glass/cristal decanters with silver mounts, Stuttgart by Eduard Foehr Firm circa 1900.

Pewter candlesticks

1 350,00 
Six pewter candlesticks, circa 1800 Strasbourg by Jacques Frédéric Borst (1769 – circa 1810).

Cafetière en laiton

Une cafetière en laiton anciennement argentée, vers 1750-1770.

Pair of Niderviller statuettes

1 650,00 
A pair of enameled pipe clay statuettes presenting two characters, Niderviller, circa 1760 - 1780.

Lunéville – bagpipe player

An enameled pipe clay statuette presenting a bagpipe player, Lunéville, circa 17780 - 1780.

Lunéville faience teapot

A faience teapot from the Lunéville manufacture, circa 1770.

Silver cake and pie server

A silver cake and pie server, Cologne circa 1800-1810.

Silver plate

A Parisian silver plate, 1777-1778.

Lunéville – Stonemason

A statuette in pipe clay presenting a stonemason, Luneville or thereabouts circa 1780-1790.