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Pair of Saint-Petersburg crystal sugar casters

Pair of silver-gilt mounted crystal sugar casters, Saint-Petersburg end of the 18th century-beginning of the 19th century.

Silver salver

A round silver salver from London, W. Bateman, 1825.

Silver plate

A round silver plate from London, T. Robins, 1819.

Pair of wine decanters with silver mounts

A pair of cut-glass/cristal decanters with silver mounts, Stuttgart by Eduard Foehr Firm circa 1900.

Pewter candlesticks

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Six pewter candlesticks, circa 1800 Strasbourg by Jacques Frédéric Borst (1769 – circa 1810).

Niderviller pipe clay statuette

An enameled pipe clay statuette presenting three children playing, Niderviller, second half of the 18th century.

Cafetière en laiton

Une cafetière en laiton anciennement argentée, vers 1750-1770.

Pair of Niderviller statuettes

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A pair of enameled pipe clay statuettes presenting two characters, Niderviller, circa 1760 - 1780.

Lunéville – bagpipe player

An enameled pipe clay statuette presenting a bagpipe player, Lunéville, circa 17780 - 1780.

Niderviller faience teapot

A faience teapot from the Niderviller manufacture, circa 1770.

Venice porcelain plate

A porcelain plate presenting oriental ornaments in blue, red and golden colours. Geminiano Cozzi, circa 1765-1775.

Silver cake and pie server

A silver cake and pie server, Cologne circa 1800-1810.

Silver plate

A Parisian silver plate, 1777-1778.

Lunéville – Stonemason

A statuette in pipe clay presenting a stonemason, Luneville or thereabouts circa 1780-1790.

Octogonal plate in faience of Strasbourg

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An octogonal plate in faience of Strasbourg, first half of the 18th century.

Rambervillers dish

A faience square dish with Chinese man decor, Rambervillers (Lorraine) circa 1775.

Strasbourg faience display dish

A faience display dish made in Strasbourg, Joseph Hannong circa 1770

Sugar sifter

A silver sugar sifter, France circa 1880.