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Knocker and plate

3 200,00 
A wrought iron knocker and its plate, 1650-1700.

Pair of Alsatian chairs

2 200,00 
A pair of Alsatian chairs with carved walnut backrest.

Salvator Rosa Frame

A Salvator Rosa gild wood frame made in Rome, Italy, end of the 17th, beginning of the 18th century.

Neuchâtel beaker

2 100,00 
A silver-gilt beaker, circa 1700 Neuchâtel (Switzeland) Paul Lucas

Battle of Sinsheim

A watercolor presenting a view of the battle of Sinsheim

Polychrome small chest

An Alsatian polychrome small chest in ash, last third of the 17th century


Un mortier italien cylindrique évasé en bronze à patine brune, XVIIe siècle

Saint Dominique de Guzmán recevant le Rosaire de la Vierge

2 200,00 
Une peinture à l’huile sur toile présentant saint Dominique de Guzmán recevant le Rosaire de la Vierge, Ecole siennoise du XVIIe siècle

Jans Frans van Bloemen

12 500,00 
An oil painting on canvas presenting Tivoli's waterfall (near Rome, Italy), attributed to Jan Frans van Bloemen

Madonna and Child

7 800,00 
A terra-cotta presenting a Madonna and Child, Le Mans end of the 17th century

Friedrich Brentel

A gouache on paper presenting a miniature with an Old Testament scene, Strasbourg by Friedrich Brentel in 1648


A blue and white porcelain kendi, Chine, Chongzhen, dynastie Ming

Lyon gilded silver chalice

A gilded silver chalice, Lyon by Jean Vazel second quarter of the 17th century

Devotional book with silver clasps

Devotional book with Strasbourg 17th silver clasps

Barrel vinegar maker

Barrel shaped vinegar maker on four feet, made in stoneware probably in the Westerwald.

Sacred Heart

Watercolour presenting a Sacred Heart ex-voto, made in the second half of the 17th century.

Alabaster medallion

Alabaster ovale medallion presenting a gentleman profile, made in the end of the 17th century or beginning of the 18th century.

Wedding dish

A pewter round dish, made between 1676 and 1713 in Nuremberg (Germany) by the pewtersmith Michael Höss.