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Alsatian in bronze

2 500,00 
A patinated bronze statue made after Eugène Laurent (1832-1898) during the second half of the 19th century. This bronze show

Georges de Ferrières

2 500,00 
Bronze statue beginning of the 20th century.

Madonna and Child

A Madonna and Child in carved walnut, 18th century.

Statuette en bois sculpté

Statuette en bois sculpté polychrome représentant un artisan, 1820-1840.

Wooden carved statuette

Polychrome wooden carved statuette representing an artisan, 1820-1840.

Haguenau enamelled pipe clay statuette

1 250,00 
An enamelled pipe clay statuette presenting an allegory of Winter, 1785-1790.

Faience statuette

Faience statuette, representing a man dressed in the Louis-Philippe fashion, 2nd quarter of the 19th century.

Pair of Niderviller statuettes

1 650,00 
A pair of enameled pipe clay statuettes presenting two characters, Niderviller, circa 1760 - 1780.

Niderviller – Shepherd

An enameled pipe clay statuette presenting a shepherd, Niderviller, circa 1760 - 1780.

Lunéville – bagpipe player

An enameled pipe clay statuette presenting a bagpipe player, Lunéville, circa 17780 - 1780.

Niderviller – Pair of porcelain statuettes

1 350,00 
A pair of porcelain statuettes presenting working children, Lanfrey, Niderviller, end 18th - beginning of the 19th century.

Niderviller – Winter

1 100,00 
Enameled pipe clay statuette presenting a winter allegory, Niderviller, 1760 - 1780.

Lunéville – Stonemason

A statuette in pipe clay presenting a stonemason, Luneville or thereabouts circa 1780-1790.

Niderviller – gardener

A statuette in pipeclay made in Niderviller under the Comte de Custine, circa 1775.

Lunveville – Winter

A statuette in pipe clay presenting the Winter, made in Luneville, Chambrette manufacture, circa 1750 - 1760.

Pair of wooden sculpted dolphins

A pair of wooden sculpted dolphins in varnished wood, made during the Second French Empire.

Knight fighting a Saracen

A small and richly detailed bronze statue made by Renaldi in the first half of the 20th century.

Child Jesus

A wax statue of Child Jesus in a glass showcase, made in the end of the 19th century.