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Bohemia glass

A bohemia glass with the cathedral of Strasbourg, 19th century.

Abbeville pewter round engraved dish

A round engraved ceremonial dish made in Abbeville (Somme, France) in 1782 by the French merchant and pewtersmith Pierre-Honoré Nicolas Dairaines.

Pair of communion ewers

2 200,00 
A pair of pewter communion ewers, made by Jean-Philippe Korn, late 18th - early 19th century.

Pewter candlesticks

1 350,00 
Six pewter candlesticks, circa 1800 Strasbourg by Jacques Frédéric Borst (1769 – circa 1810).

Glass flask

An Alsatian blown glass flask.

Besançon flour pot

A pewter flour pot, first half of the 19th century Besançon Gottschick

Communion ewer

An Alsatian Protestant Communion ewer, Strasbourg mid-19th century Bergmann