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Emile Schneider

A black chalk drawing on paper made by Emile Schneider (1873-1943), circa 1900, showing a young woman.

A porcelain statuette made in Meissen

A porcelain statuette made in Meissen, circa 1750.

Terracotta candlestick from Soufflenheim

Terracotta candlestick from Soufflenheim, representing a woman, 1920-1930.

Lothaire von Seebach

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A watercolor presenting a woman, circa 1900-1910 by Lothar von Seebach

Honoré Umbricht

An oil painting on a wooden panel presenting a female portrait made by Honoré Umbricht.

Edouard François Zier

Oil painting presenting a woman smelling flowers, made by Edouard François Zier.

Tall polychrome statue

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Tall statue of a woman with ancien polychromy, made in Italy or France

Gilded bronze clock

A gilded bronze clock presenting an allegory of the antique Greek tragedy

Bronze statuette

Bronze statuette by Georges Oudot