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Louis-Philippe Kamm

6 500,00 
An oil painting on canvas made by Louis-Philippe Kamm in 1937, and showing a portrait of a farmer.

Charles Delort

28 000,00 
An oil painting on canvas made by Charles Delort (1841-1895).

Albert Bayer

A painting of a tavern scene with a conscript, by the Alsatian painter Albert Bayer (1895-1967).

Jacques Gachot

An oil on canvas depicting a view of the Rhine port in 1938, by the painter Jacques Gachot (1885-1954).

Marquetry artwork by Paul Spindler

Marquetry artwork by Paul Spindler (1906-1980), presenting a view of the Murbach Abbey (Alsace).

Winter Landscape by Léo Schnug

5 500,00 
An oil painting, representing a winter landscape, by Léo Schnug (1878-1933), around 1910.

The drinker by Léo Schnug

3 200,00 
An oil painting depicting a drinker in an interior, by Léo Schnug (1878-1933), 1903.

Pair of landscapes

5 500,00 
A pair of oil paintings on canvas presenting two landscapes, Christoph von Bemmel (1707-1782).

Lucien Blumer

3 800,00 
An oil painting on canvas representing a view of Strasbourg, Lucien Blumer (1871-1947).

Lucien Haffen

Une peinture à l'huile sur toile représentant un bouquet de fleurs, Lucien Haffen (1888-1968).

Paul Spindler

A wooden marquetry presenting a view of an Alsatian street, Paul Spindler (1906-1980).

Charles Himmel

An oil painting on canvas of a landscape presenting a canal, Charles Himmel (1894-1974).

Louis-Philippe Kamm

1 300,00 
An oil painting on canvas signed by Louis-Philippe Kamm (1882-1959).

René Allenbach

An oil painting on canvas presenting an Alsatian field landscape signed by René Allenbach.

Louis-Philippe Kamm

A watercolor painting presenting an Alsatian landscape by Louis-Philippe Kamm, 1932.

Spanish still life

3 800,00 
A 17th century oil painting on canvas presenting a still life with fruit baskets.

Charles Greyenbühl

A watercolor painting on paper presenting a view of Klingenthal, made by Charles Greyenbühl, mid 20th century.

Jean-Nicolas Karth

A watercolour on paper presenting a Swiss landscape, Jean-Nicolas Karth 1859.