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Brass escutcheon

A molten and chiseled brass escutcheon from a wooden chest, circa 1700.

Iron bolt lock

1 250,00 
A bolt lock made out of rolled, cut and chased iron presenting an angel with two swords, circa 1550.

Master piece cabinet made in Strasbourg

22 000,00 
A master piece cabinet in oak made a carpenter from Strasbourg, circa 1750.

Double key

A wrought-iron double key, 18th.

Iron key

A wrought-iron key with an oval handle, XVIIIe century.

Iron Key

Wrought-iron key made in the 18th century.


A wrought-iron key, Alsace and South Germany circa 1700-1725.

Louis XV double chest made in Strasbourg

A Louis XV double chest in walnut made in Strasbourg, circa 1760

Miniature commode

An oak miniature commode, Alsace, probably Strasbourg, circa 1760-1770

Renaissance cabinet

A wood-inlay Renaissance cabinet, made in South Germany 16th century