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Applique cartel

6 500,00 
An applique cartel in the rocaille style, circa 1750.

Cadre dit Salvator Rosa

Un cadre romain dit « Salvator Rosa » en bois sculpté et doré, 1770-1780.

Golden bronze clock

A golden bronze clock, presenting an Eros, 1820-1830.

Rocaille console

1 150,00 
A carved and gilded wooden console with rocaille ornaments, mid 18th century.

Transition mirror made in Strasbourg

A Transition mirror in carved and gilded wood, made in Strasbourg, circa 1760 - 1770.

Bronze clock

1 900,00 
A golden and patinated bronze clock in French Restoration style, with golden pinecones ornaments, from around the beginning of the 19th century..

Bronze andiron fronts

A pair of bronze andiron fronts from around 1780

Cut glass bottle

A cut glass bottle with floral gilded decoration, circa 1800