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Marcel Dyf

6 500,00 
An oil painting on canvas made by Marcel Dyf ( 1899-1985) during the 20th century, and presenting a young woman face to his mirror.

Surtout de table

A silver surtout de table from the end of the 19th century.

Rococo looking-glass

2 200,00 
A rococo looking-glass carved and gilded in wood, made in Germany, mid 18th century.

Neoclassical looking-glass from Strasbourg

1 350,00 
A neoclassical (Louis XVI) mirror made in Strasbourg, circa 1780.

Transition mirror made in Strasbourg

A Transition mirror in carved and gilded wood, made in Strasbourg, circa 1760 - 1770.

Charles X Pedestal Table

A pedestal table garnished with a looking glass in Bourbon Restoration style, circa 1825-1830

Strasbourg neoclassical looking glass

2 800,00 
A neoclassical (Louis XVI) looking glass mirror made in Strasbourg

Looking glass, Murano, Venise

4 500,00 
A looking glass made in Murano, Venise, made entirely in glass 19th century

Strasbourg looking glass

A looking glass made in Strasbourg , 18th century

Beauty spot box

1 850,00 
A China porcelain beauty spot box, circa 1750 Meissen Johann Joachim Kändler

Mirror made in Strasbourg

1 350,00 
A mirror with gilded frame, made in Strasbourg. Period : around 1750 – 1760 Height : 72 cm Width :

Mirror made in Strasbourg

3 200,00 
A wooden carved mirror made in Strasbourg, 18th century.