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Silver ewer

A silver ewer with his handle in darken wood, Paris 1789-1792.

Silver beaker

1 250,00 
A silver-gilt beaker  made in the end of the 19th century, and presenting hunting scene.

Silver bell

A silver table bell made in Paris circa 1819-1838.

Silver drageoir by Buttner

2 500,00 
A silver and cristal drageoir, made between 1798 and 1809 in Strasbourg by the silversmith Jean-Louis Buttner.

Snuff box

A gilt-silver snuff box, made in Porto (Portugal) circa 1840-1850.

Napoleonic battle

7 500,00 
A silver medallion with a napoleonic battle, made circa 1810-1815 in Strasbourg by Jacques Frédéric Kirstein (1765-1838).

Pair of silver salver

1 500,00 
A pair of silver salvers made in 1757 in London by the goldsmith James Morrison.

Snuff box

A snuff box in tortoiseshell made in Paris, circa 1777-1778.

Hymn book

1 800,00 
A hymn book with silver clasps made in Strasbourg by Johann Steinemann circa 1770.

Silver cake slice

A silver cake slice, made in Nuremberg between 1805-1820.

Butter shovel

A silver-gilt butter shovel with a blackened wood handle, made in Aachen circa 1830

Augsburg beaker

2 200,00 
A gilded silver baeker made in Augsburg circa 1699.

Pair of two-armed torches

18 000,00 
A pair of silver two-armed torches with rocaille ornamentation, 1761-1763.

Pair of Saint-Petersburg crystal sugar casters

Pair of silver-gilt mounted crystal sugar casters, Saint-Petersburg end of the 18th century-beginning of the 19th century.

Bible with silver clasps

A Bible engraved silver clasps, printed in 1756 in Altona (Hamburg)

Silver sugar sifter

A silver sugar sifter, 1770 - 1771 Auxonne in Burgundy

Russian round box

4 800,00 
A gilt-silver round box with Catherine the Great, made in Moscou circa 1790

Russian round box

4 800,00 
A niello gilt-silver round box, made in Moscou circa 1780