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Eglomisé with portrait of a man in silhouette

A man silhouette in verre églomisé made during the end of the 18th century.

The two cards players

1 800,00 
An oil painting on panel made by Giulio del Torre (1856-1932) in 1898, and showing two young boys playing cards.

Lucien Haffen

2 800,00 
An oil painting on canvas made by Lucien Haffen (1888-1968) circa 1950, and presenting a conscripts' celebration.

David Ortlieb

1 650,00 
An oil painting on panel, made in 1862 by David Ortlieb.

Reverse glass painting

A reverse glass painting with bust of Christ., first half of the 19th century.

Charles Delort

28 000,00 
An oil painting on canvas made by Charles Delort (1841-1895).

Hunting scene

4 200,00 
An oil painting on wood panel, by Olivier Charles de Penne (1831-1897) depicting a hunting scene.

View of the port of Marseille

2 800,00 
An oil painting on canvas made by Louis Auguste G. Leconte de Roujou (1819-1902) during the second half of the

Emile Schneider

A black chalk drawing on paper made by Emile Schneider (1873-1943), circa 1900, showing a young woman.

A copperplate engraving

A copperplate engraving made in 1826, Strasbourg's cathedral.

Marcel Dyf

6 500,00 
An oil painting on canvas made by Marcel Dyf ( 1899-1985) during the 20th century, and presenting a young woman face to his mirror.

The drunken Silenus

1 200,00 
A wooden panel painting presenting a drunken Silenus, Cornelis van Poelenburg, 17th century.

Jules Alexis Muenier

1 500,00 
An oil painting on canvas made by Jules Alexis Muenier in 1896, and showing a seaside landscape in St Jean, near to Montpellier.

Ines Wagner

A gouache on paper made by Inès Wagner (1925-2020).

Jules René Hervé

An oil painting by Jules René Hervé (1887-1981), made circa 1950.

Palace drawing

A drawing showing a building of an antique inspiration, circa 1800-1810.

Rhine Falls

2 500,00 
An oil on canvas depicting the Rhine Falls and Laufen Castle.

Charles Spindler

A watercolor on paper, signed in the lower right corner, C. Spindler (1865-1938).