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Ines Wagner

A gouache on paper made by Inès Wagner (1925-2020).

Jules René Hervé

An oil painting by Jules René Hervé (1887-1981), made circa 1950.

Palace drawing

A drawing showing a building of an antique inspiration, circa 1800-1810.

Charles Spindler

A watercolor on paper, signed in the lower right corner, C. Spindler (1865-1938).

Paul Spindler

A marquetry made by Paul Spindler (1906-1980), presenting Dambach-la-Ville, mid 20th century.

Fight between a cat and a dog

A drawing based on two colors technique, cat and dog fight, after Oudry (1686-1755).

Charles Husslein

2 500,00 
Oil on canvas signed in the lower right corner by Charles Husslein (1894-1971) painted in the 1920s.

Robert Heitz

An oil on canvas by Robert Heitz (1895-1984) signed on the reverse of the canvas. The date of execution is unknown.

Auguste Cammissar

A gouache on paper showing "work at the silo" by Auguste Cammissar (1873-1962) in 1941.

Albert Bayer

A painting of a tavern scene with a conscript, by the Alsatian painter Albert Bayer (1895-1967).

A Master’s degree

A Master's degree was written on 7th April 1911 in Strasbourg. The design was created by Elmer William Pirson and printed in chromolithography by F. Gabelmann.

Jacques Gachot

An oil on canvas depicting a view of the Rhine port in 1938, by the painter Jacques Gachot (1885-1954).

Marquetry artwork by Paul Spindler

Marquetry artwork by Paul Spindler (1906-1980), presenting a view of the Murbach Abbey (Alsace).

Winter Landscape by Léo Schnug

5 500,00 
An oil painting, representing a winter landscape, by Léo Schnug (1878-1933), around 1910.

Robert Heitz

An oil painting on cardboard, representing a knight and his squire, Robert Heitz (1895-1984).

Pair of landscapes

5 500,00 
A pair of oil paintings on canvas presenting two landscapes, Christoph von Bemmel (1707-1782).

View of Strasbourg Cathedral

1 350,00 
A view of the Strasbourg Cathedral by André Schmitt (1888-1961), 1934.

Lucien Blumer

3 800,00 
An oil painting on canvas representing a view of Strasbourg, Lucien Blumer (1871-1947).